Allevi Bioprint Online: Status Dashboard

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bioprint online status dashboard

Welcome to Allevi Bioprint Online! This guide will walk you through each section of your Allevi bioprint online status dashboard.

Projects Workflow

This area lets you toggle between the Printer List and the Project workflow (Bioprint Pro). The Project workflow includes an object creator, a print visualizer, and material parameter recommendations. You can learn more about projects in our Printing with Bioprint Pro guide. The Printer List will show you the printers registered to your account, each printer’s model, their serial numbers, their names, and their connection statuses.

Profile and Help Chat

This area shows you the user profile you are logged into and has a widget for the support chat service, Intercom. Intercom is a good way to get in touch with the Support Team for quick questions.

Connection Status

The connection status section shows the strength of the printer’s internet connection.

Disconnect Button

This button will disconnect you from the current printer. You will return to the Printer List, and the printer will no longer have you as an active user. Note that multiple users can connect to a single printer as long as the printer’s administrator grants them access.

Navigation Icons

You can use these icons to jump between the different sections of the software. The icon representing the section you are currently viewing will be highlighted in white.

Print Settings

  • Print file will list the name of the file uploaded or selected for printing.
  • Build platform shows the surface selected for the print such as a petri dish, glass slide, or multiple-well plate.
  • Crosslinking will show the wavelength and activation settings of the crosslinking LED’s.

Printer Details

printer details - bioprint online status dashboard

This section lists the name, printer type, and serial number of the current printer.

Extruder Statuses

Extruder statuses - bioprint online status dashboard
  • The temperature readings give the current temperature in the reservoir space of the extruder.
  • The pressure readings indicate the pressure supplied by the pneumatic system of the printer to that extruder. These values come from the pneumatic source which feeds pressure through the supply hoses rather than a sensor in the extruder.
  • The calibration reminder will let you know if the extruder above it has been calibrated yet. An autocalibration or manual calibration will remove this warning. A print may not begin until none of these warnings are present.
  • If its associated CORE print head detaches the numbered extruder icon fades. Allevi 2 extruders do not have this function. Extruder panels without a CORE print head do not need to be calibrated.

Print Bed Status

This section will show the temperature of the Bed Plate according to a sensor near the middle of the Bed Plate. The sensor reports temperature from the surface of the Bed Plate. If you are not using a slide, you can add a metal insert to translate heat up to the petri dish slot. If you are not using either a petri dish or slide, you can add another metal insert to translate heat up to the well-plate slot.

Print Button

This button will start a print! It cannot be pressed until a print file is selected and all attached print heads are calibrated.

Autocalibration Buttons

Allevi 1 and Allevi 3 systems have the autocalibration feature. The main autocalibration button will launch autocalibration for the first connected CORE print head. The three dot button can launch an “Autocalibrate All” function.

Stage Light

The stage light button turns white stage lights on. This can be helpful for manual calibration. This button can also be used to toggle off warning lights if they ever come on.

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