Bioprinting Services

Bioprinters are just the tip of the iceberg

The one-stop solution for all your bioprinting needs from bioink, biomaterial development, protocol design and optimization, bioprinting training, to made-to-order bioprints

Made-to-order Bioprints

No bioprinter? No problem! Allevi provides high quality, consistent prints made with optimized materials from Allevi’s internal R&D lab to get you started on your projects.

Cell free scaffoldsOrgan-on-a-ChipVasculature printsMulti-material prints

Print File Design

File generation has never been easier and faster. Allevi provides walkthrough of file design process from CAD model generation to written G-code with full structure optimization. Tell us your idea today!

We can work with

G-code CAD AutoCAD STL

Proof of Concept

Not sure of your bioink or cell type’s printability on our platforms?

Discuss with our engineers how we can perform preliminary experiments to cement bioprinting into your projects.

We can get you started on testing

Bioink printability Bioprinting protocol Cell print viability

Customized Solutions

Just getting started? Allevi offers a repertoire of tools for integrating bioprinting into your project workflow. The sky’s the limit, so speak to our scientists today!

Example projects

Bioink printability assessment Protocol optimization Protocol training Bioprinter training Novel ink formulation testing

Talk to our Scientists to help guide your journey.

3D bioprinting allows researchers to create custom 3D tissues for research, investigate new disease models, formulate the next generation of bioinks, and study the body outside the body with a level of freedom and ease-of-use that was simply not possible as recently as 10 years ago.

And we’re here to ensure that your tests are accurate, useful, and meaningful. Let’s have a conversation.