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3D Bioprinting, Simplified

Bring your work to life with Allevi 3D bioprinters, materials, and reagents

allevi 1 bioprinter

Best in Class Bioprinting

Allevi bioprinters are designed and built to be better


Allevi bioprinters enable users to experiment with a wide range of biomaterials and cells, with geometrical freedom. Print experimental tissues from brain to bone with Allevi bioprinters.

Easy to Use

Our platform empowers novice and expert 3D bioprinting users alike to quickly and easily achieve their goals. Focus on your work, we do the rest.


Precision engineered for a wide range of applications, Allevi bioprinters have the power to accelerate your research. Over 500 labs worldwide rely on Allevi.

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allevi 3 bioprinter

Allevi 3 Bioprinter

The bioprinter for tissue engineering, materials science research, and everything in between.

Allevi 1 bioprinter

Allevi 1

With the smallest footprint and widest material capabilities of any 3D bioprinter on the market, you’re going to love using the Allevi 1.

Allevi 2 bioprinter

Allevi 2

The Allevi 2 is the world’s first desktop 3D bioprinter. It is a beautifully designed, precision manufactured 3D bioprinter that prints with cells and bioinks.

Why 3D Bioprinting?

3D bioprinting allows researchers to create custom 3D tissues for research, investigate new disease models, formulate the next generation of bioinks, and study the body outside the body with a level of freedom and ease-of-use that was simply not possible as recently as 10 years ago.

Since we launched our first bioprinter, the first commercial desktop bioprinter in the world, our incredible community of users all over the globe has worked on groundbreaking research for the development of sugar stents to one day help surgeons join veins with fewer complications, systems for improved drug delivery, disease models for drug screening, and the bioprinting of tissues with translational aspirations in regenerative medicine. Check out our publications page to learn more about the work our users are doing.

Allevi by 3D Systems recognizes the power of democratizing technologies for scientists. We are proud partners of research institutions worldwide, enabling the study of bioprinting to one day achieve the enormous goals we have for the field: producing tissues that can better recapitulate human physiology for more effective drug testing, 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems for efficient and guided application of drugs to pathological sites, and printing tissues for regenerative (and personalized) medicine.

3D bioprinted models accelerate human preclinical studies in latest FDA modernization act update
Zach Murdock

FDA Modernization Act highlights advances in animal-free preclinical models

What if we could decrease pharmaceutical development’s dependence on animal studies while increasing clinical trial success and developing more safe and effective drugs? A bill recently passed unanimously by the United States Senate is at the heart of this discussion and can pave the way for the adoption of technologies that enable overcoming this challenging goal.

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Zach Murdock

New bioink based on keratin and chitosan able to support stem cell growth

With recent advances in 3D bioprinting technology we welcome the development of new biomaterials and bioinks. Yu and colleagues, a group of researchers based in Taiwan, presents a potential new photocrosslinkable bioink based on keratin and chitosan that supports stem cell and spheroid loading and culture, paving ways for cell-laden biofabricated hydrogels development.

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Madeline Winter

Bioprinting Algae to Improve Tissue Oxygenation

Engineers often rely on Mother Nature to help solve difficult problems. After millions of years of evolution, living organisms such as plants, animals, and microbes have discovered how to survive in even the harshest of environments. Often times, organisms from

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