Fibroblast Growth Medium-2

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FGM™-2 Fibroblast Growth Medium-2 was developed to support the growth of most primary human fibroblasts including lung and dermal fibroblasts. The kit contains basal medium and supplements packaged together for convenience to culture fibroblasts. FGM™-2 Medium contains 2% serum.

Safety Data Sheet


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in

1 x FBM™ Basal Medium (CC-3131), 500 mL
1 x Lilac Cap Vial with Insulin, 0.50 mL
1 x Gray Cap Vial with hFGF-B, 0.50 mL
1 x Red Cap Vial with GA-1000, 0.50 mL
1 x Bottle FBS, 10.00 mL


2–8˚ C

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