Human Collagen, Type IV

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Type IV Collagen is the primary collagen found in the extracellular basement membranes separating a variety of epithelial and endothelial cells.  It is a major component of the dermal-epidermal junction where it is mostly found in the lamina densa.  It is a heterotrimeric molecule containing two Alpha 1-like and one Alpha 2-like chains.

This Type IV Collagen is isolated from human placenta and is purified using a multi-step process.  The product is supplied as a non-sterile powder containing  5 mg of Type IV collagen per vial.  A Certificate of Analysis is available with the purchase of each product.

Type IV Collagen is typically used as a thin coating on tissue culture surfaces.  Specific instructions are found in the Directions for Use. This product is generally used in vitro as a substrate scaffold to enhance cell attachment, adherence and proliferation. Type IV collagen may be used to culture epithelial, endothelial, muscle, nerve and many other cell types. Additionally, this product is suitable for use as a substrate for collagenase assays and positive controls.

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