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Allevi 3D Announces the Appointment of Frank J. McCaney as CEO


Philadelphia, PA – Today the Board of Directors of Allevi 3D Inc., a leader in the field of bioprinting, announced that Frank J. McCaney, a veteran healthcare executive, has agreed to become Chief Executive Officer. Ricky Solorzano, a co-founder of the Company, will move from CEO to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Ricky will focus on the development and commercialization of Allevi’s next platform bioprinter.

Mr. McCaney is a biochemist by training and has been the CEO of a venture backed company, a private equity backed enterprise and a public entity. According to Mr. McCaney, “Allevi has an incredible team and has been a leader in the rapidly developing field of bioprinting hardware, inks, and software. We are beginning initiatives to drive innovation and secure a position in ultimately large markets in 3D organoids for drug development and in custom synthetic and autologous transplants”.

Allevi is the developer of the world’s first desktop bioprinter. It has sold devices in 40 countries and sells three bioprinter models, inks for many tissue types, and advanced software for bioprinting workflow. Allevi is headquartered in Pennovation in Philadelphia.

For more information contact Ricky Solorzano at [email protected]

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