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Announcing Our Newest Vascularization Protocol

Vascularization Protocol for vasculature in hydrogels

We are excited to launch the Allevi Vascularization Protocol. This method empowers you to replicate some of the most complex vascular trees in an easy way. It enables you to create centimeter thick tissues in an automated, standardized fashion and allows your thick tissues to live for weeks.

One of the challenges within tissue engineering is creating thick tissues. Why is that? To date, it has been challenging to add vascularization to 3D printed tissues. 

Vascularization is our body’s highway system. Networks of veins reach each cell to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients, and remove waste and carbon dioxide. This vascular network is essential for organ function.

allevi Vascularization Protocol for bioprinting veins

The challenge within tissue engineering has been to replicate these networks, but even more so… to design them. We have been limited in our bioprinted tissue’s thickness because it has been difficult to create these highways in the lab. ….Until now.

This vascularization protocol is foundational to begin studying and replicating the body outside the body in a more accurate way. We are excited to provide you with a cornerstone application within the Allevi platform to help you find solutions to humanity’s most difficult problems.

Read the vascularization protocol here and to read more bioprinting protocols, tips, and tricks – click here.

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