Coating Plates with PureCol®

scientist in lab Coating Plates with PureCol®


Cells respond to a variety of stimuli present in their culture components such as media and surfaces in which they are cultured. Depending on the application and cell line, coating your dish with PureCol® will enable better cell attachment and function. This protocol walks you through the process of coating plates with PureCol® (Type I collagen).  


Methods for Coating Plates with PureCol®

  1. Using a pipette, transfer your desired quantity of PureCol® from the stock bottle to a centrifuge tube;
  2. Dilute PureCol® with sterile water or 0.01 N HCl in a 1:30 proportion;
  3. Gently rock the tube to mix contents;
    • Note: Do NOT vortex this material. Vortexing will cause bubble formation.
  4. Add the appropriate amount of diluted PureCol to your dish of choice. Refer to the table below for recommendations per dish;
    • Note: Ensure that your surface is fully coated.
PlateWell Working Volume
6-well2 mL
12-well1 mL
24-well500 µL
48-well200 µL
96-well100 µL
  1. Cover your plate and incubate it at room temperature until the surface is dry (1-2 hours).
  2. Rinse surfaces with PBS or sterile medium;
  3. Your dish is ready to use! You may also store it in 2-10˚C, ensuring to maintain sterility.

We hope this protocol helps you with coating plates with PureCol® (Type I collagen).  Click here for more bioink preparation protocols.

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