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10 Cools Things You Could Print with a 3D Bioprinter in the Near Future

3D bioprinting is an intuitive way to approach biology. But not many people realize its versatility. Read on for 10 cool things you could make with a 3D bioprinter in the hear future. Hopefully, this will make the idea of bioprinting a little more accessible! So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Joint replacements, think knee, ankle and elbow.

1. knee replacement.jpg

2. Microfluidic chips

microfluidic chip

3. Cell scaffolds for replacement organs, eventually making fulling functioning organs

3. cell scaffolds for replacement parts.jpg

4. Cartilage

Allevi bioprinter 3d bioprinted ear cartilage

5. Accurate surgical models for physicians to practice difficult procedures

3d printed surgical models

6. Drugs with custom release rates, compositions, and geometries

3d printed drugs pharmaceuticals

7. Teeth and dental implants

3d printed dental implants

8. Skin grafts for burn victims

3d bioprinted skin grafts

9. Casts and bioactive clothing

3d printed casts and bioactive clothing

10.  Blood vessels, arteries and heart valves

3d bioprinted veins, arteries, and cardiac valves

And our users are just getting started. Check back as we cover new publications from #Allevi Authors and see what amazing applications they come up with next. 

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