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Meet Allevi 3: The Bioprinter for Every Application

Allevi 3 bioprinter triple extruder bioprinter

Exciting things are happening in the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Since our humble beginnings, the Allevi community has grown to labs in all corners of the globe and includes the world’s best scientists and pharmaceutical innovators. And your work is having an impact. We’re proud today to introduce you to the Allevi 3 bioprinter.

With every new #AlleviAuthor paper published, our incredible community wows us with yet another mind-blowing application. Whether you are creating personalized bone grafts, printing tumor models for better drug testing, or studying the dynamics of the vasculature system – we provided you a tool and you have amazed us with what you have accomplished with it. Today, we’re excited to announce the newest addition to the Allevi family of 3D bioprinters that was inspired by your work – the Allevi 3 bioprinter. 

The Allevi 3 bioprinter is easy to use, extremely versatile, and yet still incredibly powerful. Check out the bioprinter that can bring your work to life. What will you build?

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