Sample STL Files for Bioprinting

Sample STL Files for Bioprinting

Sample STL Files

This is an updated list of sample STL files that Allevi recommends for biomaterial optimization, bioprinter setup, and troubleshooting. An STL file is the file format used in CAD modeling software. These files are read by your Allevi bioprinter. The Allevi software will analyze the STL file and translate the file into instructions (also known as G-code) for the extruders as to how they should move layer-by-layer. All modern CAD software allow you to export as an .STL file but we are providing some sample files here to get you started. As a reminder – you can also use the shape builder tool in your Allevi software to create simple shapes without the need for an expensive CAD modeling software. Feel free to get in touch with our support team at  with any questions.

Solid Block

Solid block STL


2 Layer Lattice
4 Layer Lattice
Large Lattice


Chevron Design 1
Chevron Design 2

Hand Digit

Finger Bone STL


Meniscus STL






Nose STL

Scaffold Design Using Shape Builder Tool in Bioprint Pro

Video demonstrating how to create scaffolds in Bioprint PRO using the Shape Builder Tool

In need of a specific STL file for your bioprinting needs? Email us at  and we’ll do our best to find a relevant file for you! Now that your STL files are downloaded, head over to the Allevi Protocols page to find a protocol for your application.

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