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Allevi Designs for Different Futures

We’ve always thought the Allevi 1 was a work of art, but now it’s official! We’re honored to be included in a major exhibition on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art that explores how designers will shape the future. Design for Different Futures brings together some 80 works that address the challenges and opportunities that humans may encounter in the year, decades, and centuries ahead.

The exhibition is broken into 11 sections; resources, generations, earths, bodies, intimacies, foods, jobs, cities, materials, power and data. The works present in each category challenge visitors to imagine how we will tackle evolving global issues such as privacy, artificial intelligence, population, or pollution.

For instance, centrally located inside the exhibition space is a work titled Another Generosity. This inflated sphere changes in size and color in response to carbon dioxide and temperature levels in the room. As the work changes shape and color, you see a physical representation of the seemingly invisible carbon footprint that we all leave behind.

The Allevi 1 bioprinter, featured within the bodies section, aims to change the future of medicine by empowering scientists to design and engineer with life. We envision a future wherein we are able to create personalized novel therapies, animal testing is a thing of the past, and physicians create custom replacement organs made of your own cells.

Allevi users are laying the foundation now to ensure that this future is attainable. With every new Allevi Author, we see a novel application of bioprinting across the fields of tissue engineering, pharmacology, and regenerative medicine. We are coming closer every day to a future wherein we can harness the power of biology and truly engineer living systems.

This exhibition will be at the Philadelphia Museum of Art until March 8, 2020. You can then check it out at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis from Sept 2020 to Jan 2021 until it travels to the Art Institute of Chicago from Feb 2021 to May 2021. Don’t miss this amazing exhibit that will challenge your way of thinking and make you reflect on what’s to come.

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