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Allevi Named MedTech’s Fierce15 Class of 2018!

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We are so honored to be selected by FierceMedTech as one of their Fierce15 MedTech Companies of 2018!

FierceMedTech’s Fierce 15 class of 2018 is aimed at advancement—whether it’s simply combining new know-how with old methods, making definitive improvements in well-trodden fields, or pushing us to reconsider how far we can reach with the means available today.

They are about taking steps over, around or through what many have accepted as the limits of current medical technology, in order to make tangible impacts on patients’ lives, or the development of therapies that will.

What really makes Allevi fierce is our amazing community of users who are using their Allevi bioprinters to revolutionize the way we model disease, test novel drugs, and study the body outside the body. Scanning the list of Allevi Authors, we see researchers using Allevi bioprinters to create custom bone scaffolds for nasal defects, bioprint heart tissue to study cardiovascular disease, bioprint a spinal cord using stem cells, and create novel bioinks that boost healing. New groundbreaking papers are being published on the Allevi platform every week that will accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of tissue engineering. It’s amazing what we can discover when we #buildwithlife.

We’re proud to empower Allevi users with the tools that will make tangible impacts on patients’ lives. Together, we can change the future of medicine. We’re so honored to be a Fierce15 MedTech company of 2018 and will continue to create innovative lab tools for researchers worldwide. Thank you, FierceMedTech, for your recognition!

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