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Allevi Announcement: Discontinued Products

We deeply value your interest in Allevi and want to provide information about the changes within our organization. After careful consideration and evaluation, we have made the strategic decision to discontinue production of our Allevi bioprinters, effective July 27, 2023.

Lowering the barrier to entry: 3D bioprinting for beginners

3D bioprinting technologies have to become more accessible in order for the greater scientific community to benefit from its merits. Allevi’s Commercial Director, Dr. Hanchih Wu, shares her personal experience on how to move the needle in the lab and bring in novel techniques into your workflow.

3D bioprinting technology trends

3D Bioprinting Technology: Emerging Trends and Implications

3D bioprinting technology continues to evolve and shape the way modern medicine approach the therapeutic research process. We present a short digest on what bioprinting experts sees as important milestones and movements in the 3D bioprinting world.

3D bioprinted models accelerate human preclinical studies in latest FDA modernization act update

FDA Modernization Act highlights advances in animal-free preclinical models

What if we could decrease pharmaceutical development’s dependence on animal studies while increasing clinical trial success and developing more safe and effective drugs? A bill recently passed unanimously by the United States Senate is at the heart of this discussion and can pave the way for the adoption of technologies that enable overcoming this challenging goal.

New bioink based on keratin and chitosan able to support stem cell growth

With recent advances in 3D bioprinting technology we welcome the development of new biomaterials and bioinks. Yu and colleagues, a group of researchers based in Taiwan, presents a potential new photocrosslinkable bioink based on keratin and chitosan that supports stem cell and spheroid loading and culture, paving ways for cell-laden biofabricated hydrogels development.