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3D Bioprinting Replacement Heart Valves

Throwing it back today to show you this heart valve that was 3d bioprinted using the Allevi 2 with collagen from Advanced BioMatrix. Your heart has four valves (one for

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The Allevi Academy

Here at Allevi, we’re always looking to the future – how to prepare for future challenges, how to revolutionize and improve on current research and methodologies…but sometimes it’s necessary to

Allevi Bioprinting in Space

Here at Allevi, we are driven by the goal of being able to 3D bioprint replacement organs for humans. While we continue to understand the capabilities and constraints of 3d

BBC Visits Allevi Power User, Dr. Pashneh-Tala

BBC’s The One Show recently stopped by Dr. Sam Pashneh-Tala’s lab at the University of Sheffield to learn more about tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting. Dr. Pashneh-Tala’s research is focused

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User Update: Groundbreaking Research at UMN

Allevi customer, Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, speaks to the University of Minnesota Health Blog about her ground-breaking bioprinting research at UMN using the Allevi BetaBot. Read on for the full story:

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Using a 3D Bioprinter to Create Bone

Imagine being able to create bone. Things like jawbone surgery, healing fractures, and treating bone diseases would be revolutionized. Well, a future in which doctors and researchers regularly use a