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Allevi Rewards Points

Allevi Rewards Points

INTRODUCING Allevi Rewards Points!! Every purchase you make on the Allevi3D shop will now redeem rewards points that can be used for a discount towards future purchases. The more you

Allevi designs for different futures bioprinter

Allevi Designs for Different Futures

We’ve always thought the Allevi 1 was a work of art, but now it’s official! We’re honored to be included in a major exhibition on display at the Philadelphia Museum

fierce medtech biomed biotech award allevi

Allevi Named MedTech’s Fierce15 Class of 2018!

We are so honored to be selected by FierceMedTech as one of their Fierce15 MedTech Companies of 2018! FierceMedTech’s Fierce 15 class of 2018 is aimed at advancement—whether it’s simply combining

allevi curriculum allevi academy bioprint 3d bioprinter

The Allevi Academy

Here at Allevi, we’re always looking to the future – how to prepare for future challenges, how to revolutionize and improve on current research and methodologies…but sometimes it’s necessary to

Dr robert Langer scientific advisor to Allevi 3d bioprinters.jpg

Dr. Robert Langer Joins the A-Team

At Allevi, we believe that the democratization of bioprinting can help millions lead longer and healthier lives. By empowering scientists to make complex, relevant, personalized 3D tissues so many breakthroughs will

allevi vwr distributor

Allevi Products Now Available Through VWR

Here at Allevi, we are constantly working to make our bioprinters and bioinks accessible to scientists worldwide.  Our mission is to get Allevi 3D bioprinters into the best research labs where they

Allevi Bioprinting in Space

Here at Allevi, we are driven by the goal of being able to 3D bioprint replacement organs for humans. While we continue to understand the capabilities and constraints of 3d

Allevi board of directors members

Meet the Allevi Board of Directors and Advisors!

We’re excited today to announce the newly formed Allevi board of directors, observers, and scientific advisors.  Individually, each member brings a specific skill set and background to the company and the

allevi happy holidays ornaments.jpeg

Happy Holidays from the A-Team!

Thank you for being a part of our company’s journey! And what a year it has been… We had an incredibly successful rebrand, launch the Allevi 6 and the game-changing Allevi Software, presented at TEDMED, were

Biobots is now allevi

Did you hear our good news?

Biobots is now Allevi We just changed our name, and from here on out Biobots will now be known as Allevi!