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Dr. Doris Taylor is Building a Heart from Scratch

Here at Allevi, we’re always keeping an eye out for research being done in tissue engineering and stem cell biology. Together, these disciplines form the backbone of regenerative medicine. So, it’s

3d printed vasculature blood vessels

21st Century Frankenstein

Mary Shelley published her magnum opus, Frankenstein, in 1818. It was at this point in human history that the burgeoning scientific revolution of the 19th century ushered in one of the most

3d printed cardiac heart

3D Printed Heart Saves the Life of a Newborn

Here’s some BIG, heartwarming news in the world of 3D bioprinting and medical science—literally heartwarming because through the use of a 3D printed heart, doctors were able to save the

clear 3d tissues

The Frontier of Clear 3D Tissues

At Allevi, our goal is to build tools that will allow scientists to explore questions in 3D culture. Yet, while this approach brings us closer to achieving the physiological microenvironments

How to choose a bioink hydrogel

How to Choose a Bioink for Use in 3D Biofabrication

We’ve talked about what bioprinting entails in general. We’ve touched on the types of cells that we can incorporate into bioprinted constructs. We’ve also discussed the potential of this technology

Self Healing using Synthetic Biology

Today, we wanted to provide some context to spark a discussion on using synthetic biology as supplements in structures to make them self-healing. There is a piece on self-healing concrete that was

cell differentiation

Reprogramming the Fate of Cells

Reprogramming the Fate of Cells In the previous post we wrote titled, “What is 3D Bioprinting?”, we discussed biomaterials, cells, and creating representative 3D structures as being the basis of