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Gauge Size Guide

Needle gauges can be confusing. And as an important parameter for bioprinting, you want to select the correct tip for your syringes. The gauge size of a needle indicates what

Common Viability Assays for 3D Culture

Compared to 2D cultures, 3D cell cultures represent a significant step forward towards reflecting tumor biology in vivo. It’s important to be able to properly assess the cellular health and functional

Guide to Picking Your Bioprinting Needle

Choosing a needle tip is a key component of the print parameter optimization process. It has a significant effect on the optimal printing speed and pressure, as well as the

Guide to Gcode

As the intermediate between STL models and a bioprinted model, gcode is a scripting language, or set of instructions, for controlling a 3D printer or bioprinter. Gcode holds a lot

Quickstart Guide: Allevi 2

The world’s first desktop 3D bioprinter. The Allevi 2 offers visible or UV light photocuring, room temperature to 160°C heating, and dual extruders. Find your bioink of choice and start

Bioprinting 101: Learn How to 3D Bioprint

3D Bioprinting is the application of 3D printing to the patterning of living cells, biomolecules, and biomaterials. It allows one to have microscopic control over cellular environment variables, and macroscopic