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Creating 3D Controls

New to the world of three-dimensional (3D) biology, or testing out a new material with your Allevi bioprinter? This protocol is part of a series to help you learn how

PCL Viability Report

Thermoplastics in bioprinting are often used as a support structure to provide extra mechanical strength and as reinforcement for matrix bioinks[1,2]. Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a biodegradable thermoplastic used in a

Sample STL Files for Bioprinting

Sample STL Files This is an updated list of sample STL files that Allevi recommends for biomaterial optimization, bioprinter setup, and troubleshooting. An STL file is the file format used

Quickstart Guide: Allevi 1

Specifications Setting up your bioprinter Setting up your software Connecting to your printer Networking requirements: A downloadable PDF containing our updated networking requirements for both our Bioprint Software and for

Quickstart Guide: Allevi 3

Specifications Setting up your bioprinter Carefully remove your bioprinter from the packaging by grasping the bottom of the printer frame firmly with both hands. CAUTION: The Allevi 3 weighs ~48lbs


Organ-on-a-chip has proven to be an extremely valuable technology utilized for disease modeling, drug testing and mimicking organ function. Each individual organ-on-chip is composed of a clear flexible polymer (see

Infill Pattern Options in Slic3r

Choosing the slic3r infill pattern for your bioprint can be tricky and confusing. Depending on which cell-line you’re using in your lab, your infill can help with cell proliferation and

Hyperelastic Bone: bioink guide

Introduction Hyperelastic Bone bioink is a biomaterial made by Dimension Inx composed of > 90% hydroxyapatite, the same mineral found in teeth and bones. This bioink is printed at room temperature,

Bioink Overview: 3D Graphene

Bioink Overview: 3D Graphene is a biomaterial made by Dimension Inx composed of > 90% graphene – a flexible, conductive, biocompatible material for muscle, nerve and cardiac tissue engineering. This biomaterial

What Do My Bioprinter’s Lights Mean?

Stage Lights Allevi 1 and Allevi 3 bioprinters come with a bright stage light for improved viewing, but different colors can also indicate the status of your bioprinter and help

A Guide to Matrix Bioinks

Just as a 2D printer has a variety of color inks to create an assortment of images, bioprinters utilize a variety of bioinks to create an assortment of viable 3D