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Allevi Author: 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems

Time for another #AlleviAuthor – Researchers from Abo Akademi, University of Helsinki and University of Turku use the Allevi 2 for 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems. Their paper studies the printability of PDMS to manufacture drug containing structures

Allevi Anthony Atala YS Zhang publication 3d bioprinting to improve drug testing pharmaceutical research

Allevi Author: Allevi and Dr. Anthony Atala

With a 12% success rate for drugs entering clinical trials, there is no doubt that drug companies need more accurate prediction platforms to help them save billions in bringing a

Allevi board of directors members

Meet the Allevi Board of Directors and Advisors!

We’re excited today to announce the newly formed Allevi board of directors, observers, and scientific advisors.  Individually, each member brings a specific skill set and background to the company and the

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Happy Holidays from the A-Team!

Thank you for being a part of our company’s journey! And what a year it has been… We had an incredibly successful rebrand, launch the Allevi 6 and the game-changing Allevi Software, presented at TEDMED, were

Biobots is now allevi

Did you hear our good news?

Biobots is now Allevi We just changed our name, and from here on out Biobots will now be known as Allevi!

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Allevi Author: Drexel University Studies Hydrogels

Onto a very special #AlleviAuthor – our user Nathan Tessema Ersumo was an undergrad from Dr. Kara Spiller‘s Lab at Drexel University when he FIRST authored this paper that studies hydrogels. Nathan used

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User Update: Groundbreaking Research at UMN

Allevi customer, Dr. Angela Panoskaltsis-Mortari, speaks to the University of Minnesota Health Blog about her ground-breaking bioprinting research at UMN using the Allevi BetaBot. Read on for the full story: