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Allevi Bioprinting in Space

Here at Allevi, we are driven by the goal of being able to 3D bioprint replacement organs for humans. While we continue to understand the capabilities and constraints of 3d

Allevi Advanced Biomatrix additives bioink additives for 3d bioprinting tissue and organs on 3d bioprinter

The Challenges and Advances of Imitating Nature

One of the largest hurdles of in vitro cell culture has been to mimic conditions that closely resemble in vivo outcomes, essentially imitating nature. Significant strides have been made to this end in the

Allevi 2 bioprinter bioprints nasal bone nose cartilage

Allevi Author: UPenn Bioprinting Custom Nasal Defects

We’re proud to bring you yet another #AlleviAuthor – this one from down the street at University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Chamith Rajapakse’s Lab at UPenn focuses on the development and application of image guided

BBC Visits Allevi Power User, Dr. Pashneh-Tala

BBC’s The One Show recently stopped by Dr. Sam Pashneh-Tala’s lab at the University of Sheffield to learn more about tissue engineering and 3D bioprinting. Dr. Pashneh-Tala’s research is focused

abo akademi allevi bioprinting allevi 2.jpg

Allevi Author: 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems

Time for another #AlleviAuthor – Researchers from Abo Akademi, University of Helsinki and University of Turku use the Allevi 2 for 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems. Their paper studies the printability of PDMS to manufacture drug containing structures

Allevi Anthony Atala YS Zhang publication 3d bioprinting to improve drug testing pharmaceutical research

Allevi Author: Allevi and Dr. Anthony Atala

With a 12% success rate for drugs entering clinical trials, there is no doubt that drug companies need more accurate prediction platforms to help them save billions in bringing a

Allevi board of directors members

Meet the Allevi Board of Directors and Advisors!

We’re excited today to announce the newly formed Allevi board of directors, observers, and scientific advisors.  Individually, each member brings a specific skill set and background to the company and the