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Our New Sterile GelMA is Awesome!

Gelatin Methacrylate (GelMA) is a popular material in bioprinting due to its mechanical properties and printability. The methacrylate groups in this bioink mean that you are able to cure the

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Allevi Products Now Available Through VWR

Here at Allevi, we are constantly working to make our bioprinters and bioinks accessible to scientists worldwide.  Our mission is to get Allevi 3D bioprinters into the best research labs where they

Allevi Bioprinting in Space

Here at Allevi, we are driven by the goal of being able to 3D bioprint replacement organs for humans. While we continue to understand the capabilities and constraints of 3d

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The Challenges and Advances of Imitating Nature

One of the largest hurdles of in vitro cell culture has been to mimic conditions that closely resemble in vivo outcomes, essentially imitating nature. Significant strides have been made to this end in the

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Allevi Author: UPenn Bioprinting Custom Nasal Defects

We’re proud to bring you yet another #AlleviAuthor – this one from down the street at University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Chamith Rajapakse’s Lab at UPenn focuses on the development and application of image guided