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Novel composite cellulose-based bioink from Allevi Author

Bioprinting always requires consideration of many different parameters: biomaterial mechanical and biological properties, printability, cell viability and many more. It requires finding a fine balance between all the factors and

bioprinting Corning matrigel on Allevi bioprinter

Bioprinting with Corning Matrigel Matrix

After 30 years of discoveries and over 10,000 citations, Corning® Matrigel® matrix has cemented its place as a trusted ECM in labs worldwide. Biologists, tissue engineers, and industry giants alike rely

Allevi designs for different futures bioprinter

Allevi Designs for Different Futures

We’ve always thought the Allevi 1 was a work of art, but now it’s official! We’re honored to be included in a major exhibition on display at the Philadelphia Museum

allevi advanced biomatrix collagen aortic pulmonary heart valve bioprint 3d bioprinted

3D Bioprinting Replacement Heart Valves

Throwing it back today to show you this heart valve that was 3d bioprinted using the Allevi 2 with collagen from Advanced BioMatrix. Your heart has four valves (one for


Introducing The Allevi Tissue Layering Protocol

We’re proud to announce that we have finally achieved the ability to pattern pure collagen in an automated fashion. With our proprietary CORE™ printhead and our new Tissue Layering Protocol, you

cardiac muscle myocytes fibroblasts george washington university allevi 3d bioprinters and bionk

Allevi Author: GWU Bioprinting Heart Tissue

George Washington University joins the #AlleviAuthor club with their new paper titled, “Use of GelMA for 3D printing of cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts” and published in Journal of 3D Printing

fierce medtech biomed biotech award allevi

Allevi Named MedTech’s Fierce15 Class of 2018!

We are so honored to be selected by FierceMedTech as one of their Fierce15 MedTech Companies of 2018! FierceMedTech’s Fierce 15 class of 2018 is aimed at advancement—whether it’s simply combining