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Allevi Author: GWU Bioprinting Heart Tissue

George Washington University joins the #AlleviAuthor club with their new paper titled, “Use of GelMA for 3D printing of cardiac myocytes and fibroblasts” and published in Journal of 3D Printing

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Allevi Author: 3D Bioprinting Spinal Cord

This new addition to the Allevi Author Club is 3D bioprinting spinal cord… People often ask us, “what is it that a bioprinter can do really well?”, and we tell

Allevi 2 bioprinter bioprints nasal bone nose cartilage

Allevi Author: UPenn Bioprinting Custom Nasal Defects

We’re proud to bring you yet another #AlleviAuthor – this one from down the street at University of Pennsylvania.  Dr. Chamith Rajapakse’s Lab at UPenn focuses on the development and application of image guided

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Allevi Author: 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems

Time for another #AlleviAuthor – Researchers from Abo Akademi, University of Helsinki and University of Turku use the Allevi 2 for 3D bioprinting drug delivery systems. Their paper studies the printability of PDMS to manufacture drug containing structures

Allevi Anthony Atala YS Zhang publication 3d bioprinting to improve drug testing pharmaceutical research

Allevi Author: Allevi and Dr. Anthony Atala

With a 12% success rate for drugs entering clinical trials, there is no doubt that drug companies need more accurate prediction platforms to help them save billions in bringing a